Useful websites

These are pages that I visit regulary to get tips on healthy eating, recipes, workouts and fashion. Yes fashion, to see how to draw attention the good parts of my body šŸ˜‰

Fit Sugar

A well strcutured website on exercising, healthy food and nice recipes. There are a lot of pictures and videos to look at and useful little tricks on how to make workouts more effectiv, entertaining etc.


Does not only give advices on healthy eating, but also on a healthier lifestyle in general, e.g. in relationships or at work. Shows how to deal with stress, anxiety etc.

Zest Magazine

Addresses towards a wide audince with fitness tips for outdoor lovers, mummies and women who want to workout at home. I especially like the pilates section, there are some easy moves that everyone can do at home.

Melanie’s Blog

It’s called “Happy Being Healthy” and you can absolutely see the happiness in her smile. Her blog is so motivating and inspiring. Really nice recipes from a sweet tooth, telling you how to make healthy tasty cake -yes it is possible! -and sincere tips on how to conquer one’s weaker self.


Donny Galella explains how to make the best of yourself. Ever wondered why some celibrities seem to have perfect bodies? Noo, they don’t! But they have style advisors, showing them how to draw attention to their legs when they’ve got no bust or how to hide wobbly upper arms.

Michael Sallustio’s Food&Fitness Blog

A lot of very well explained posts about nutrition, fitness etc.


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