5 tricks to resist cravings

I am addicted to sweets -oh bad bad 21th century! What have you done to me? These are my tricks to avoid cravings. I minded them the last days and it worked out pretty well!

1. In the first place, simply don’t by any! Do your grocery shopping with a list and when you are a bit in hurry, so that you don’t stroll slowly along the shelves and get attracked by colourful packagings which cause a spontaneous craving.

2. Shit. It happened. The ‘Jelly Babies’ or the ‘Cadbury Bubble Mint Chocolate’ or whatever made its way in your basket and through the checkout counter. Don’t open the package on the bus journey home! It would be half empty before you reach your bus stop!

3. You brought the treasures home. What now? Don’t store your sweets in your bureau (for students: don’t store your sweets in your room). They would be too easy to access and you would snack permatently. Put them in the kitchen.

4. Sweets don’t make you full. Drink a cup of tea, eat an apple or other fruits when you are hungry. Or distract yourself. Take a walk outside, watch a film. Enjoy your sweets after a decent meal.

5. Don’t ban sweets for too long from your nourishment, this could end up in a hunger attack. I my eyes, one or two pieces of chocolate in the evening are totally acceptable.


3 responses to “5 tricks to resist cravings

  1. From my personal experience I’d recommend that you just tried 2-3 days without any sweets. Yeah, I know I probably sound crazy. But actually I did it with all sugars (by the way you just can’t imagine how much sugar there is in almost every kind of food, including most types of wholemeal bread!) and you know what? You’ll suddenly realise you don’t need them as you had always thought. Yep, that’s right and is actually scientifically proved – sugar acts like a drug to our brains. Just like a former addict within a couple of days, you’ll find out sugar is just another unnecessary drug…
    p.s. if you’re worried about your daily nutrition, don’t worry – you’ll consume enough sugar with just a portion of fruits (healthy sugar!).

    • I know, I know! I saw a documentary about it and it says that humans don’t need extra sugar. Certain vegetables like sweet corn, carrots and beats and fruits of course provide enough sugar. But it sounds sooo hard! 😦

      • I know, I know, but you may wanna try the experiment i suggested. After all, it’s all about creating new eating habits. I, myself, after those approx 3 years, still have a whole new view on sweets and so on. When I think about it, it’s quite unbelievable how less I need them these days (don’t get me wrong, I still eat plenty of pancakes or waffles everytime my flatmates and I decide on Pancake/Waffle Sunday but totally forgot about all of those daily chocolate bars etc., just don’t feel the “craving”) 😉

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