Meal Plans

week 3 (28.01 – 03.02.2013)

meal plan week 3 new

week 4 (04.02 – 10.02.2013)

meal plan week 4

week 5 (11.02 – 17.02.2013)

meal plan week 5

week 6 (18.02 – 24.02.2013)

meal plan week 6

                                                           the actual meal plan of week 6

real meal plan week 6


Well, I think you got a basic idea of my nutrition now. A lot of vegetables, meat from time to time. Usually I have yoghurt and fruits in the morning and  soup or salad in the evening. Week 7 was a crazy week where I cut down my caloric intake to 1300 kcal a day and counted them exactly. My brother then asked me whether I was batshit insane and I stopped.

I now eat slowly and healthy, listen to my stomach, replace chocolate by tea or fruits as often as possible -sometimes it’s not possible^^


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