Finding Myself

It’s the beginning of week 10 and first of all I want to say that without the encouraging words of friends, my family and followers I wouldn’t  be in this happy and motivated condition. I have had a phase where I was disappointed and down because I was expecting too much and forced me to do things I didn’t like -without recompense. I then realised, that body and soul have to work as a team and that I would only do things that I enjoy. I enjoy to work out -but NOT in an overcrowded gym with musty changing rooms.

– Get that sorted Coventry University Sports and Recreation Centre!!!

I have been walking and running in War Memorial Park a lot in the past days and tried to remember the elements of the Stretch&Tone Class when I worked out at home. I rewarded me with trips to London or Birmingham, a french baguette and an elaborate dish at the week-end or some pieces of dark chocolate in the evening while watching a stupid casting show. Hehe, yeah I normally don’t watch television at all. I only stream ARTE from time to time, but once a week I need something dumb to relax^^

Saturday I went to Kenilworth to visit a castle. It was raining cats and dogs and I rescued myself into a charity shop. And there I discovered this quaint necklace that totally made my day!


This morning I thought I could dare to step on the bathroom scale. I had a good feeling, you know. It is hard to tell the exact weight on my crappy scale, but it was slightly below 59 kg … I estimate 58.8 kg (=129,6 lbs). 😀

So yeah, that’s me: Outdoor running, pilates/yoga workouts, elaborate cooking and french baguette at week-ends and vintage necklaces.

Have an nice week everyone!


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