Straying from the right path

The last days have been everything but healthy ones. Because of my illness I didn’t exercise. Even when the treatment of antibiotics ended, I didn’t feel really fit and not motivated. The cold, grey and rainy weather also damped my spirits. While I knew that I had to make up for the delay, the deadlines for two essays were approaching.

So what did I do? I cut down my daily caloric intake to about 1300 kcal. No sun, no exercise, no food. But I know it’s only a period. One essay is finished and the next one has to be handed-in on Monday, so I am a bit more relaxed already. Also I went for a long walk in the park, which raised the spirits. I am planning to cook a very interesting recipe tomorrow! Courgette with quinoa filling and mango sauce!

And these are pictures from my walk…the shapes of leafless trees are amazing -aren’t they?

IMG_1911 IMG_1893 IMG_1902


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